These works hold space for the absence of fear and embracing all the uncertainties that may arise in the human experience.
I seek to manifest forms that will flow as if there are no borders or binaries and explore the role that spirituality plays in helping such a person navigate through modern society. As a first-generation Vietnamese immigrant, I believe in the freedom of movement, a luxury, so it seems under the structures that form our reality. For my practice, my points of departure are migration and spirituality, and particularly the bridge between the material and the unseen world.

  Along my process, I draw influences from minds such as: Thich Nhat Hanh and his teachings on mindfulness, Trinh T. Minh-ha and her studies on postcolonial feminism.

Khánh Nguyên Hoàng Vũ is [goes by just: Vũ] is an artist that was born in, Biên Hòa,Việt Nam. With an oeuvre that spans from painting to  installation (and then some), their work opens a unique poetic vein that reflects upon the intensity and constant shifts in contemporary existence. They develop forms that do not follow binary systems that we were brought up around; these works serve as a safe space for some soft, deep-seated and honest self reflection. Vũ currently lives and works in Miami.
“Informed by a strict Vietnamese Catholic upbringing, the artist has recently used the spiritual practices they were exposed to as a child as a starting point to explore their queer, nonbinary personhood, reclaiming rituals that once burdened them. In these paintings, rites such as communion and funerals become visual settings for meditations on memory, loss, and rebirth.” - The Bakehouse Art Complex


b.1997, Vietnam

Lives and works in Miami, Florida.


2020    BFA in Painting, New World School of the Arts, University of Florida, Miami, FL.

        ─Minor in Art History. New World School of the Arts, University of Florida, Miami, FL.


2016    NWSA Full Scholarship, New World School of the Arts, Miami, Fl.

2017    Frances Wolfson Art Scholarship, Miami, FL.

2020    Summa Cum Laude, New World School of the Arts,
University of Florida, Fl.


2018    EDEN 11, U2S Studios, Miami, Fl.

2022   Ho Lo Project x CMXNR, Deering Estate, Miami, FL.


2018    Rising Stars, New World Gallery, Miami, FL.

2018    Diaspora, The Kampong, Miami, FL. 

2019    The Future Ain’t What It Used to Be, The Kampong, Miami, FL.

2020    “EQUILIBRIA”, BFA thesis exhibition, New World School of The Arts, Miami, FL

                For access to virtual exhibition, click here.

2020    Untitled, Frederic Snitzer Gallery, Miami, FL.

2021    PERMAQUEER, Masisi Studios, Miami, FL.


2019         Void Projects Residency, Miami, FL.           

2020        Summer Painting Open at Bakehouse Art Complex, Miami, Fl.

2021        Home + Away Residency with Oolite Arts
                Anderson Ranch, Snowmass Village, CO